"Once again, thank you for all your hard work! Your writing really is beautiful, so colorful
and descriptive. Thanks for everything!
Katie Papadopoulos, Belgium Press & Trade Coordinator

"I came across your wonderful article for Southern Breeze...of all the articles and press
that has happened since MAD MEN....yours is still by far my favorite. I'm back in L.A
filming season 2, missing New Orleans and NYC a little, but the cast is such a great group
of people, and the scripts are even better than last season. we were in GQ (December), i
was on the cover of OUT (December), and in the June issues of Vanity Fair and
Entertainment Weekly, Variety twice, and USA today...and our shop "Hazelnut" is featured
in HOUSE BEAUTIFUL as "the shop we love" for June....there is lots more to come!"
Bryan Batt, Broadway extraordinaire and Salvatore Romano on AMC's TV series Mad Men

"This is fantastic – beautifully written!  I’m sure that all of our friends in Mystic will enjoy
it and I look forward to sharing it with them."
Diana Lane, Geiger PR Group, Travel Post Monthly website

"Deborah........words cannot express how we feel. The article is "fabulous" (to use
Maureen and Peggy's expression of glee)! What a beautiful layout! What perfect
placement! We will work hard to maintain and improve upon the image you have left with
your readers."
Tom and Maureen Chambless, Blue Willow Bed & Breakfast owners, Covington Magazine

"I am absolutely blown away by your writing!!!  You are just incredibly talented and I want
to thank you so much for agreeing to contribute to Louisiana Road Trip.”
Mona Hayden, editor of Louisiana Road Trip magazine

“I enjoyed the article very much and thought it was well-thought out. It is a thoughtful,
meditative piece with a nice perspective...”
Linda McGovern, Editor of Literary Traveler website, Walker Percy profile

“Your articles are great.  You have a wonderful way with words and the pics were very
good also.  We were in Vicksburg about 10 days ago and read one of your articles in Miss.
Magazine.  You are very talented!  Thanks for the article on Ruby's.”
Diane and Fred Holland owners of Ruby’s Roadhouse, Yada Yada Magazine

“You can be satisfied and content in knowing that your words have given me a resource
of fresh encouragement, energy, and inspiration at a time when I really needed it. You
may never know how much.”
Gene Lipps, Songwriter/ Musician, Southern Breeze "Turn of the Page" CD review  

“Deb,  The article you wrote on Garland's work was so wonderful...Happy New Year to you
and thanks again for doing such  a great job capturing his work and persona.”
Garland Robinette and wife, Nancy Rhett, Southern Breeze Magazine  

“I think the work you have done is exceptional, your writing is captivating, fluid and
always informative. In my opinion no one else does it better than Deb Burst and Louisiana
Homes & Gardens.”
Roger Smith, owner & publisher of Louisiana Homes & Gardens

“How absolutely magnificent the article is and the pictures are out of this world. Your text
is fabulous and you describe it all as I said and Fr. Jay’s quotes are so appropriate. Keep
writing like that and your 2005 will be full of awards and satisfying work.”
Richard “Gibbens” Robichaux--St. Joseph Co-Cathedral 67 year parishioner

“Deb, we just picked up copies of Inside Northside...there is some whoopin’ and hollerin’
going on around this office! Your article is so wonderful, full of our accomplishments
without sounding braggadocios! Great Job! THANKS AGAIN FOR OUR ARTICLE!”
Malise Prieto--St. Tammany Parish Clerk of Court

“Congratulations! We appreciate your initiative for publicizing activities of the Museum.
You certainly do good work and I look forward to your future articles.”
Dell Lipps--Retired engineer, Lighthouse Digest Magazine

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been trying to keep up with the business which we attribute to the article. P.S. Congrats
on all the published articles...I’m sure more to come. “
Kerri and Michael Blache--owners of Vianne’s Tea Salon and Cafe

“You have a wonderful color and vision to your writing. Thank you for your kind words.”
Mark and Liam Dixon--owners of A Broken Egg in Mandeville

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wonderful than what we could have ever imagined. Thank you so much...I can’t wait to
frame it for everyone to see.”
Radim and Lisa Kolarsky--owners of a 100 year old church renovated into a home

“Deb’s article was eloquent and articulate...she provided all of the information about the
restaurant that readers are looking for, including location, prices, menu and ambiance. I
like the human interest element.”
Beth Sager, Publisher and Editor of Tambalaya

“Deb continues to do excellent work mindful of deadlines and the parameters of the
assignment. She also demonstrates an enthusiastic energy for these projects that will be
very useful to her as she begins to move into professional writing work.”
Michael Depp, Tulane University Professor, Louisiana Weekly assignment editor
Deborah Burst
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